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Winsome bolton storage hall bench with shelves

Winsome Bolton Storage Hall Bench with Shelves is more like a desk that you might be interested in using as a part time sitting arrangement as well as shelves for shoes or something other than that. The overall dimensions of the bench are:

· Bench overall size is 40-inch W x 14.17-inch D x 22-inch H

· Seat dimensions 33.43-inch W x 13.39-inch D with seat height of 20.87-inch

· Shelf size is 34.49-inch W x 12.32-inch D with 5.12-inch clearance

The product is weighted roughly at around 47 pounds and comes in separate pieces. The parts need to be assembled upon arrival. The assembled dimensions are roughly, height: 22 inches, width: 14.17 inches, length: 40 inches. The product has three sturdy shelves and is constructed with a mixture of composite and solid wood. The product is also gives a nice looking antique finish having dark brown colours of walnut.

In spite of the reviews stating that the bench might be wobbly, customers prefer to buy it mostly for the looks and potential of this product. The product is not much expensive and come under a good price range. The bench can well be used as a sitting component and can withstand around two hundred kilograms quite easily.

According to the users’ reviews, some useful tips for assembling the product are:
1. Winsome Bolton Storage Hall Bench with Shelves has 8 large wooden screws. The pieces are to be aligned properly tightened until the sound of wood crunch is heard.

2. It is hard to assemble the product with its shelves on. Adjusting height of the shelves is a real tough task. To overcome the problem, it is advised to align the shelves diagonally and them make them put in the other parts. The grooves of the supporting pins must face the bottom of the shelves and the bench. After installing the upper four pins, it is advisable to shift the upper ledge to the parts and place the counter on its feet.

3. Assembly needs insertion of four wooden rods into the holes in the base of the element. Using a rubber mallet is advisable as it lessens the impact of the force over the wooden panels.

The Winsome Bolton Storage Hall Bench with Shelves can house a number of shoes and has room for plenty. Shoe sizes from very minimum to maximum can be stored in the panels and shelves. The basic pros and cons are:


1. The bench looks good and like an antique product.

2. It has a lot of space

3. The parts are made of wood like composites

4. The colour of the product is exquisite

5. At least some of the parts of the product are made of genuine wood

6. The customer service is prompt

7. The assembly process is easy enough.


1. The holes are often miss aligned

2. The backboard is pretty thin

3. The order of assembly provided with the manual is wrong and faulty

4. Some of the customers have complained about the difference and variation of the colour

5. The product is not that much sturdy as it looks.

Bottom Line:

Overall the product is good for home use and holds generally satisfactory customer reviews. The delivery options are sometimes complicated and may even damage the product up to some bit. Aside from that, if you are looking for classy looking furniture that can be used as a bench as well as shelves, this is the product for you.

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