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Whitmor 6320-150-B Clothes Closet Review

Whitmor 6320-150-B Clothes Closet Review written by: Dorcus How you store your clothes will highly determine if they can last for long, or if they will wear out faster. There are a number of closets for storing clothes, which help to keep the clothes in the right way and maintain their condition for long. When you are living in a smaller house, like an apartment or if you are on a vacation, or camping, you might want to consider having a portable storage clothes closet. One of the top portable closets for clothes is the Whitmor 6320-150-B clothes closet.

About the closet
The Whitmor 6320-150-B clothes closet is blue in color and it has been designed with a cover that is breathable. For that, you can keep your clothes and zip it up, without worrying about having any stuffy clothes. The zipper is also constructed along the closet, so you can access it easily. It is also big enough, with a frame that measures about 36 inches. This makes it able to hold more clothes and stay strong enough. It has a cubic shape, so you can fit it comfortably in a corner or any empty space and it wouldn’t look weird.

This portable storage clothes closet is designed with a number of features that make it super useful. Here is a look of the common features of the closet;
• 36 inch frame
The shape of the closet is supported by a frame that measures about 36 inches, making it quite reliable and stable enough. This is big to hold a number of clothes, as well as heavier clothes like suits.

• Easily accessible zipper
You can easily access the zipper, which means that you will not have any challenges, especially when you are in a hurry. The zipper does not get stuck as you are opening or closing the closet, so there is an ease in operating it.

• Transparent window
There is a tiny window that you can see through, which makes the closet appear elegant and also, you can be able to see if there is still some space in the closet. This limits the need of opening up the zipper, which can be time consuming.

• Breathable fabric
The closet is made with a breathable fabric, which means that you will have your clothes fresh all through, without having them stuffed. You will not have to leave the zipper open to allow air to flow in the closet, rather, air will freely flow through the fabric.

• The canvas is removable, which makes it easier to pack, when needed.
• The canvas is large enough to cover the entire closet, so you can put some items at the bottom, which will be covered by the canvas.
• It is easy to set up, which you can easily follow the instructions.

• The closet can be somewhat delicate, so it will need to be handled with total care, especially the zipper.
• The frame might not be strong enough to hold heavier clothes like a number of jeans or some jackets.

This closet is a great item that you would want to consider when you want to have a reliable closet that can serve you on temporary conditions. You can have it in your office for keeping your suits and other jackets, but do not stuff them.

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