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Suncast SSW1200 storage set

Product Overview

Suncast SSW1200 Storage Seat is a multi-purpose piece of home
furniture that is designed to incorporate the features of both a storage bag
and a seat. It is usable in both the indoor and outdoor environments. Apart from
seating, the furniture can also be used to store boots, driveway salt, gloves, hats,
hoses, scrapers, shears and trowels – among others.


Features and


The most outstanding
features and specifications of Suncast
SSW1200 Storage Seat are:


  • Product
    Dimensions: 15 inches by x 15 inches by
    x 20 inches


  • Product
    Weight: 13.8 pounds


  • Item Model
    Number: SSW1200


  • Storage Capacity:


  • Storage
    Type: Mocha resin wicker storage seat


  • Design: Contemporary
    stay dry design that looks great on the patio


  • Country of
    Origin: United States of America


  • Seat Size:
    Extra seating with large storage inside


  • Adaptability:
    Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor


  • Assembly: Assembled
    in five minutes


  • Long-lasting
    and sturdy resin construction


  • Accessories:
    Coolers, Deck boxes, and Screen enclosures



Suncast SSW1200 Storage Seat does confer its users a plethora
of benefits, merits and advantages which include but are certainly not limited
to the following:


  • Durability:
    The seat is very long lasting owing to the fact that it is made of very strong
    and durable materials such as resins. This negates the need for constant
    repairs and short-term replacements both of which saves users money in the long


  • Versatility:
    The seat is suited for a very broad variety of tasks and environmental
    conditions. It can serve both as a seat and a storage bag simultaneously; can
    hold lots of household equipments such as driveway salts, and boots; and can
    conveniently serve both indoors and outdoors. This confers great convenience to


  • Strength
    and Stability: It is made of very strong materials and is also very stable. It
    doesn’t swivel or easily change positions when in contact with human agents. This
    offers additional reliability.


  • Maintenance:
    It is very easy to keep clean and maintain courtesy of its resin construction. It
    therefore absolves users from the need to invest lots of their time and
    consequently, frees them to attend to other tasks that equally matter.


  • Operational
    Efficiency: The seat is pretty easy to operate. No technical expertise or extra
    tools are required to assemble it, which means that just about any other person
    can assemble it. Moreover, it only takes around five minutes to assemble and be
    made ready for use.


  • Affordability:
    It is very cheap and affordable. It is therefore within easy reach of the
    critical mass that may need it most.


  • Aesthetics:
    It is finished with charming rustic paints that add to the general beauty and
    visual appeal of the home’s interior decor.


  • Portability:
    It has a very low weight of just about 13.8 pounds (6.26kg). It is therefore
    very easy to uplift, carry around, and deploy to the desired location.



Below are just but a
few of the shortcomings of Suncast
SSW1200 Storage Seat:


  • Discomfort:
    The seat has no ergonomic features such as headrests, arm rests, back rests,
    padded seats e.t.c. It is therefore very uncomfortable for long-term seating as
    it may pose health risks.




Notwithstanding the aforementioned
shortcoming, Suncast SSW1200 Storage
Seat is still an indispensible part and parcel of the household furniture
collection. That’s because it confers the benefits of convenience, operational
efficiency, easy maintenance, aesthetics, and affordability, among others in a
simple convenient package. It is therefore a “must have” for any serious home


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