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Suncast ghw1732 resin wicker trash hideaway

The Suncast GHW1732, Suncast ghw1732 resin wicker trash hideaway enables you to present the best look of your homestead to guests and neighbors. Through its contemporary styling, it allows you to keep out of view all garbage cans. The trash can is made of durable resign, giving you a guaranteed long-term service of heavy-duty conditions. The can has the capacity to hold up to 33-gallon bags and this helps you to place all the garbage of the household in one location.

Unlike other garbage cans, the trashcan has matching lids that keep pests such as raccoons from opening them and entering inside. It’s solid bottom keeps it securely in place until the time of collection. Once you buy, it only takes a few minutes to assemble even if it is for the first time.

Have you ever wondered how to keep garbage away in case you have a lot of visitors? Worry no more. If you do not have the trash hideaway, you have to collect regularly the garbage and put it in trash bags, which get filled up very quickly. Then you have to open it a little to throw some garbage away. The Suncast GHW1732, Suncast ghw1732 resin wicker trash hideaway enables you to collect all the garbage and put it in a nice looking place, just outside the house.

The trash can cover up all the unsightly garbage, keeping it away from direct sight, looks beautiful and blends well with your outdoor, backyard, deck, porch, or patio. You should not make guests have a negative perception of your garbage-filled backyard by acquiring a durable and lovely wicker trash hideaway.

Key features of the wicker trash hideaway:

  1. It has a stay dry design
  2. Has a capacity of up to 30-33-gallon bags
  3. No technical tools required to assemble it
  4. Takes as little as five minutes to assemble
  5. It has a functional latching lid that can conceal all the garbage and recycle bins
  6. It is nice with a decorative wicker patterns.
  7. When assembled, its size is 17in wide by 16in depth by 31.5in height.


  1. The product is durable, has a contemporary design and looks great
  2. Keeps the homestead clean and adds some style in the outdoors.
  3. It is perfect for outdoor because you don’t need to be worried about the entry of critters once you lock it.
  4. It holds more garbage, helping you to maintain the beauty of the homestead.
  5. Your dog cannot be able to open the rid and enter into the wicker trash hideaway, it cannot even topple it over because it is very stable.
  6. The rid is tight and keeps odor at bay.


1 If you completely fill the wicker trash hideaway, it can grab the bag from the inside and eventually rip it. This forces you to avoid filling it up completely.

2 The inner lack is an issue because of its roughness. The bag typically gets stuck on the inner side of the ribbing, making it difficult to remove the garbage.

3 It limits you from filling it with bottles. This is because they can tear the bag and cause a mess.

Suncast GHW1732, Suncast ghw1732 resin wicker trash hideaway is ideal for your homestead, and you should try it out and have a different experience from the ones that you have been using.

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