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Suncast DBW9200 Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box, 99-Gallon

homeThe Suncast DBW9200 Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box, 99-Gallon is an ideal
solution for storing outdoor accessories to maintain an orderly and neat
appearance of the homestead. It is made
of plastic resin construction that is of
heavy duty to guarantee durability. The sturdy Suncast is effective even under
adverse weather conditions for an extended
period without developing any problem. It is made to stay dry, maintaining the
stored items in a good condition and requires simple cleaning and maintenance
practices. The deck is spacious, and this allows the storage of different
items, including garden tools, pool supplies, snow gear, and chair cushions.


Product Description


The deck box is light in weight and has handles
that make it easy to carry. It
features quality woven-style inlays that are molded to resemble a wicker. Its
mocha finish adds a nice modern look to the outdoor space. To ensure maximum
security to your property, you can lock it using a padlock. You can use the
deck box as a bench because it has a comfortable
curved top. It is the best option for the storage of your backyard, patio,
deck, or porch.


The deck box is sturdy, and you do not need to be worried during the
rainy season. If you have some tools that you do not need to store in the
house, you can put them on the deck. It
has a lovely wicker design that can
increase the beauty of your compound. After buying
it, it is easy to assemble the product.


The deck has a 99-gallon capacity. When assembled, it
measures 50″ W by 25.5″ L by
25.5″ H. It takes as little as five minutes to assemble and has a
contemporary design of a mocha brown exterior. During the assembly process, it
is easy to follow the supplied instructions but you need to be careful to
understand which part should fit in a
particular section. The product is beautiful looking with the wicker pattern and
mocha color. The product also has legs that keep it off the ground. The lid is curved so that when it is
raining, water cannot stagnate on it.


You should not
put the Suncast DBW9200 Mocha Wicker
Resin Deck Box, 99-Gallon box on direct
sunlight because the lid can warp, and
this is not appropriate for a standard deck box. Another problem that the deck
box can have is that the metal tab that is used to maintain the lid locked can
break at the point where it is attached to the plastic cover.
In this situation, it is difficult to keep its contents,
and even a strong wind securely can blow the top. During the assembly process, you should take a lot of care to
ensure that you fix every part to the right place. If you wrongly assemble the product,
disassembling it can become a major problem,
and you may end up damaging the whole product.




  1. The
    product is sturdy


  1. It
    seems to be an upscale when considering the price


  1. Easy
    to assemble and has enough storage space for outdoor cushions


  1. You
    can comfortably sit on the deck and relax


  1. Requires
    cleaning and maintenance practices




  1. The lid can warp, and this is not appropriate for a standard deck box


  1. The metal tab that is used to
    maintain the lid locked can break, and
    the security of your valuables can be at risk


  1. You have to assemble the product in
    the right way the first time. Otherwise,
    you may end up damaging it.

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