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Sofa sleepers have become very common for the modern homes and present the best choice for existing floor plans. These types of home furniture are multipurpose and can be used for different things during different times. There are many sofa sleepers available in the market and finding one should never be an overwhelming task. However, important consideration should be taken in order to find the best quality since all manufacturers and distributors will promote their products as ultimate choices. Fortunately, reliable products have distinguishable attributes that can be used to identify them from the rest. Here is a descriptive Simmons sofa sleeper review that includes a couple of existing products from the brand, their features, pros and cons.

Simmons sofa sleepers – models and features
Simmons is quite a reputable manufacturer of home furniture and sofa sleepers are one of their renowned offers. They have several models and designs depicting different comforts, sewing techniques and fabrics among other differences. Their products feature general characteristics available in most sofa sleepers as well as distinct trademark qualities of the manufacturer. Some of the sleepers that you will find in the market include the following;
• Aqua Red Elegant Micro Fiber – This queen size sofa sleeper is one of the fancied in the market and features various pleasant attributes. Like most products from Simmons, it depicts the 3-over-3 transitional style with a semi attached back and knife edge cushioning. The arms are rolled and welted while the 4.5-innerspring mattress sits on a tubular steel trampoline mechanism support. Other features include dual-locking TV headrest, decorative legs and ancient toss pillows among more.

• Chenille Chocolate Fabric – This is yet another popular Simmons sleeper available in the market. The full size sleeper is made of micro fiber or chenille fabric and features a semi-attached back, flared transitional arms and ancient toss pillows. Other features include TV headrest, 4.5-innerspring mattress, tubular steel trampoline mechanism, box seat and back cushion. It is available in a variety of sizes including twin and queen.

• Graphite Elegant Micro Fiber – There is limited difference between the graphite elegant and aqua elegant designs apart from decorative differences. They both exhibit the 3-over-3 transitional style, knife edge cushioning, tubular steel trampoline mechanism, 4.5-innerspring mattress, back cushion, ancient toss pillow and rolled and welted arms. The graphite elegant also has 2 locking TV headrests that help you achieve the most comfortable position while watching TV programs.

• Upholstery Santa Monica Vintage – Unlike most Simmons sofa sleepers, Santa Monica vintage brings a new feel and presence in your rooms. While still made on 4.5-innerspring mattress on the tubular steel trampoline mechanism, it has soft bonded leather, wooded extra-padded arm panels and frontal rail. It also features large turned legs, toss pillows, back cushion and a dual locking headrest.

• Vintage Leather/Tobacco Fabric – This sofa sleeper resembles the Santa Monica design in various attributes albeit with little differences for distinguished decoration. It features wooded extra-padded frontal rail and arm panel, 4.5-innerspring mattress, tubular steel trampoline mechanism and soft bonded vintage leather. Additional features include ancient toss pillows, welted seats and dual lock headrest.

• Chenille Chocolate Fabric (Queen Size) – Like the full size design, this model features microfiber and chenille fabric. It is also made of 4.5-innerspring mattress and uses the same support mechanism as most Simmons sofa sleepers within the category. Other features include elegant decorative design, comfortable cushioning, ancient toss pillows and ergonomic headrest as well as trademark transitional arms.
There are many other Simmons sofa sleepers available across multiple retailing stores although the above list comprises most popular models.

Pros and Cons
Reading through any Simmons sofa sleeper review will reveal a number of advantages and benefits. However, these products also have a few concerns. The brief list of the benefits and disadvantages is in pros and cons as follows;
– Strong, comfortable and durable mattress
– Elegant decorative design suitable for any interior decoration and plan
– Affordable and reliable
– Additional comfort with head rests and leg sections
– The sleeper might not be as comfortable as the couch
– You may feel the springs when tilting to find the right posture

When looking for Simmons sofa sleepers, it is important to purchase from credible retailers who are licensed to distribute original genuine quality within the area. The sofas are competitively affordable and very durable. They also improve the interior décor and offer perfect comfort as daytime sofas. The provided list contains some of recommended popular designs that are available and their feature description.

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