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Most people need a sofa for their living room for visitors to their home and family members while watching TV or just talking. At present people interested in purchasing a sofa for their home will get a very good deal one for the sofa samuel sectional by coaster furniture available online at Amazon . The sofa has been designed taking into account the requirement of sofa buyers in the country. The sectional sofa consisting of a pair of loveseats, an armless chair and corner chair can be assembled by the sofa buyer in a suitable way to fit the living room or any other room where the samuel sectional sofa from coastal furniture will be placed.
The Pros of purchasing the sofa samuel sectional by coaster furniture are:
– The sofa is made up of separate parts which can be assembled in any direction or configuration as required by the customer, allowing a degree of flexibility to the buyer. For example some buyers may prefer to use the armless chair which has been suppplied separately and assemble the other pieces of the sofa together to fit the room.
– The sofa is covered with bonded leather, a dark brown in colour, which is both elegant and will not look dirty quickly due to mud , dust and other stains..
– the stitching used for the sofa is high quality, durable, baseball style and will last for a long time
– the frame of the sofa has been made from hardwood which will be durable and can carry large loads, without breaking
– quality double coil springs used in the sofa for comfort and cushioning
– can be easily assembled at home by a person with limited technical skills to suit their living room or any space which will be available.
– the weight of the sofa samuel sectional by coaster furniture is comparatively less, so it can be easily moved while cleaning the room to remove any dirt which may accumulate below the sofa
– the material and design of the sofa is very durable and can be used roughly by small children who will dance on the sofa, and pets like cats and dogs who may scratch the sofa
– the sofa is large enough to comfortably accommodate people of all sizes, especially those who are very tall or large
– the sofa samuel sectional by coaster furniture can also be used as a bed for sleeping, when people have guests in the house or when the bedroom may be under renovation.
– many of the users have the found the sofa extremely comfortable for both sitting and sleeping
– at present the samuel sectional sofa by coaster furniture is available at a significant discount to the listed price of the furniture, so most buyers purchasing the sofa online find that it will be good value for money

The few Cons of buying the sofa are :
– Some of the users have reported that the furniture is too light, so when a heavy person will sit on the furniture, it may move a little from the position, which some users may find inconvenient

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