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Prepac Shoe Storage Cubbie Bench

A Prepac shoe storage cubbie bench review written by: emma.wanjiku The following is a Prepac shoe storage cubbie bench review that is specifically geared to those individuals that may perhaps be in the dark over the features and functionality of this product. To begin with, as most people would readily know shoes can cause a lot of clutter in the home if you do not designate a central storage area for them. To this end there are now diverse solutions for this problem that are to be had in the market. However, quite a number of them are hard pressed to offer the practical functionality and more to the point aesthetically pleasing attributes that most individuals crave for. This is where this amazing piece of furniture comes into play.
In essence, this one of a kind shoe storage bench comes with eighteen different cubbies. All of which are sufficiently spacious to accommodate a pair of men’s size thirteen shoes. This definitely means that you can be in an excellent position of storing a good number of your shoes in a highly efficient manner. Which completely does away with clutter, and in extension keeps your home well organized.

This product is crafted from top quality CARB compliant laminate composite wood that features a robust MDF backer. Which certainly means that this shoe storage bench is extremely durable and you can make use of it for many years to come. To make things even better this product comes with an exquisite espresso finish, which can effortlessly fit into a wide variety of interior décor themes as well as color schemes. This can in the long run add a delightful touch of elegance and unmatched style in whatever room in your home you install it in. Be it your bedroom, utility room, foyer or even your mudroom. It also features a relatively spacious and sturdy top that you can use to stack bed sheets, blankets and even throws in a highly organized and convenient manner.
This shoe storage bench comes unassembled, but the whole package includes an easy to understand assembly manual. All it takes is just your having an adequate level of dexterity and the right tools to accomplish this feat. Finally, this product has a five year limited manufacturer warranty on its parts, which definitely goes a long way in underscoring its unmatched quality. It is manufactured in North America so you can always be assured of the quality of the material used and also the level of sound workmanship integrated into it.

All in all, this shoe storage bench can be just what you need to keep your shoes, and in extension your home well organized and clutter free. Which stems from it offering an ingenious and highly practical way of storing your shoes in a central location that is spacious enough to contain them. While at the same time giving you an extra space to stack other sundry items. You can never go wrong with opting for this shoe storage cubbie bench! Hope that this Prepac shoe storage cubbie bench review has been insightful. Most especially for those individuals that may be on the lookout for an ideal way of minimizing clutter in their homes.

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