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Mainstays 5 piece counter height dining set

If you need to upgrade your dining room with a great dining set that is made from solid wood then the mainstays 5 piece counter height dining set is your best bet. This dining set will comfortably seat four people at a go and it is thus the ideal dining table for a family that has a smaller dining area. The table is a smooth counter-height easy-to-clean table with four comfortable chairs. It also comes with a contemporary styling that will make your dining room look stylish. This attractive set is sturdy as it is made strong to last for many years to come.

• The dining set is attractive as it has a warm cherry finish that will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen that it will be placed in.

• The cherry wood finish matches most kitchen cabinets perfectly making your kitchen look elegant and classy without trying so much.

• They are perfect for a house where space is premium or limited but the owners cannot do without a classy dining set.

• The dining set is made of solid wood meaning that it is very strong and sturdy thus giving you the guarantee that it will last for a long time to come.

• The dining table itself is made from a material that is easy to clean thus ensuring that maintenance is easy and hygiene is easy to keep or maintain.

• The counter height of the dining table makes it an ideal choice to either prep food on or serve it to your family or guests.

• It has great dimensions with the table measuring 38″W x 38″D x 35.7″H and the chairs each measure 18″W x 20″D x 40.5″H.

• Once you make your order of this mainstays 5 piece counter height dining set it will get to you fast and comes packaged in a strong box that will protect the furniture well from breakages or damage.

• The seating capacity of this dining set is not ideal for large families or houses that have huge spaces in their dining areas or kitchen.

• The counter-height could be a disadvantage to shorter people who might find it taller than they are hence not a good purchase for such people.

• The packaging that comes with your dining set is quite bulky due to the solid wood that makes the dining set and thus requires some manpower to lift the dining set into your home.

If you are short of space in your kitchen or dining area yet you desire to have the best dining set that will fit your space perfectly then this will be the one dining set for you. It not only settles well in your small area but also adds a classy and elegant touch to your kitchen. The mainstays 5 piece counter height dining set is perfect to buy if you are looking for a dining set that seats few people, hardy and durable. I strongly recommend this dining set for anyone interested in having a dining set that will not take up much space in their house and one that will last for many years to come.

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