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Leggett and Platt Shipshape Adjustable Queen Base

A shipshape is an ultra-lite power base that is adjustable and can allow you to use different mattress sets. It enables you to modernize your furniture and transform mattresses to get the best out of it during the day and at night. Additionally, the Leggett and Platt Shipshape Adjustable Queen Base enable you to personalize your bed and enjoy reading, watching TV, or even work while relaxed on it. The adjustable bed adds value and comfort when you want to relax or even sleep.

The shipshape adjustable bed base guarantees you to relax and have comfort with its added features of the UPS-shippable. This is the best bed that you should dream to have because it is light, and you can use it indoors or even outdoors. Its feet and the head are fully adjustable, and this enables you to get the best position for you to read, surf on your laptop, or watch TV.

It is the best bed that you can ever own because of its convenience and high levels of satisfaction. If you have back problems, this adjustable bed can solve them and save some time walking around every morning for the kinks to be worked out. You can comfortably use the available foam mattresses that you have in the house. Two people can effectively assemble it even if the motor is relatively heavy.

For you to assemble the bed with convenience, you should do it in a spacious room that can enable you turn around without stepping on it. The quality of the product guarantees you of it durability and delivery in a good condition without any bend. On delivery, you receive two boxes. One box contains the white platform while the other one has the motor and frame.

The Leggett and Platt Shipshape Adjustable Queen Base is UPS-shippable and has a lifting capacity of up to 450 lbs. Its shipping weight is 75 pounds, and domestic shipping can only be done within U.S. The product dimensions are 62 by 33 by 9 inches and its Amazon model number is 4AL100.


1 It is very easy to assemble the bed by following some simple guidelines

2 It has a variety of height options, and this enables you to adjust to your preferred height to fit your needs.

3 It has a wired remote control, and this can allow you to adjust it while watching TV or reading.

4 If you like quietness, you should not be worried of the motor because it is a whisper quiet motor

5 If you had surgery and your back has been having some pain in the morning, this adjustable bed is appropriate and can be recommended by doctors for you to use.


1 It is better for you to buy a different 7/16-inch ratchet because the one that the product is supplied with is inadequate, and this adds some costs.

2 If you have a wooden floor, the wheels can slide, and this can make the bed to lose stability.

3 The metal piece that maintains the stability of the bed by preventing it from slipping at the bottom can pop out easily, and the manufacturers need to consider this even if it is not a major problem.

There are no specific instructions supplied with the bed on how the motor should be attached, and this becomes confusing. The product should be supplied with a written guideline of assembling instead of using the DVD provided since there are only a few bolts that need to be fixed.

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