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Faux fur saucer chair

Furniture is one way to make a statement or an impression within a living space. Furniture nowadays, thanks to modern technology, has developed to be of all styles, tastes, shapes, sizes, and colors to suit a multitude of preferences. It is not too hard to find furniture that speaks to you or expresses your personality when shopping. In this particular article, we look at one piece of furniture in particular: the faux fur saucer chair. This popular and trending furniture has captured the attention of many. However, we want you to have the first hand knowledge about the product and in case you are thinking about purchasing the product, you will have all the information you need. We look at the product description, its pros, and some of its cons to give you a clear picture about the product and what you should expect from it. Below is an insight in this regard.

Product description

The faux fur saucer chair is a multi-functional seating furniture that is equal part functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The design of the chair is contemporary and does not resemble traditional furniture. The chair is made of a foldable steel frame and on top of the frame sits a soft and wide seat. The seat is made with 100% polyester faux fur fabric that resembles fur. It is a portable seat which can be easily folded when not being used and save space. It does not require any assembling, just unfolding of the seat from the box and placing the seat on the frame.

Another feature of the chair is the saucer seat, as the name implies. This seat is designed for wide and comfortable lounging in virtually any occasion whether alone or with friends and company. The saucer design facilitates easy relaxing and support of the body. The cushion comes in a variety of colors to choose from, from hot pink, royal blue, black, and aqua, it has a range of colors nearly almost anyone will find their preference. The colors also enable streamlining of decor of the living space with the chair. Buyers are able to choose the color of the chair that best fits the pre-existing room color for the most appealing designer look.


. Comfortable seating

The material of the seat and the saucer design make this chair very comfortable. Being soft and smooth allow the person sitting to be at ease.

. Appealing design

The saucer design of the chair along with the various colors to choose from make this a unique piece of furniture. It is fun and contemporary yet functional piece that allows expression of personality.

. Sturdy frame

The frame is designed to support the saucer shape with sturdy metal steel frame bottom supports.

. Space saving option

When not needed, the chair can easily be tucked away by a simple folding mechanism.


. Limited weight support

The chair can only support up to 225 lbs of weight. Extra care must be taken to avoid putting too much weight on the chair for it can cause damages.

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