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Crown mark cheval mirror brown

If your dressing mirror has been broken or you just wish to get another classy one that has an espresso wood finish and is full length, then you need the Crown Mark Cheval Mirror Brown. This mirror is able to tilt at various angles thereby enabling you to view your self perfectly in different angles thereby ensuring that you always leave the house looking impeccable. You have the option of either mounting this mirror on your wall or using it on its stand. The mirror section and the mirror legs are not attached together and hence it is possible to separate it easily.

• The price tag attached to this mirror is quite unbelievable given its quality and its classy look that compliments your classy sense of style as well as bedroom or dressing closet.

• The mirror is shipped in the safest condition as there are several layers of hard cardboard that are included over and above the normal packaging it comes in. the edges of the packaging also have heavy bumpers on them to ensure that nothing will get near it causing damage to the mirror.

• The assembly process of this mirror is very easy as there is no complicated process involved in assembling it. The only thing required is the tightening of a number of screws that are few using a screwdriver that only take a few minutes.

• The high quality of the mirror wows every person who has the opportunity to check themselves on the Crown Mark Cheval Mirror Brown. It is one piece of furniture that looks great with a great handsome figure. The mirror is very functional with optics that are crisp assuring you of an image that has no fuzzy edges or doubled images. It is also long enough and wide enough for any body type and size to view its entire figure on it without breaking a sweat. It also portrays your figure exactly as it is without making you look fat or skinny like some cheap and sub-standard mirrors do to your image.

• The mirror is capable of tilting freely therefore enabling you to get your image at various angles.

• There are some quarters that report that the mirror gets to its destination shattered but it is on rare occasions and they get refunds or replacements if the mirror shatters accidentally. The shattering could be as a result of the negligence on the part of the shippers not Amazon.

• Some people complain that the wood parts of this mirror are not of the greatest quality but they look nice all the same.

This is the most ideal dressing mirror for any shopper looking for an elegant and classy mirror that comes at just the right price or for a shopper on a limited budget. The quality they get from the Crown Mark Cheval Mirror, Brown will leave them wordless when they get their mirrors delivered to them. I strongly recommend for the purchase of this mirror for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life as it is a high quality mirror.

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