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Black mirrored jewelry cabinet armoire stand

Black Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire
Stand is a stylish furniture that is convenient for ladies who like to display
their jewelry in a classy way. The product makes it comfortable in choosing your jewelry in the morning, minimizing the
frustrations of looking for them. You can store your jewelry in an organized
and timely manner that fits your style to
increase the speed of access.


It has a large raised mirror and a
sturdy wood that is elegantly designed to save space
and some two small cubbies. The product can be adjusted and has a lock to
ensure the safety of your jewelry. Once
you have purchased the product, there is some assembly required for it to be
ready for use.


Product Specifications


The overall measurements
of the product are 18″ (L) by 16″ (W) by 58″ (H). The cabinet
measures 4″ (L) by 14.5″(W) by 48″ (H). The mirror is 10″
by 43″. The product has a total of 48 hooks
where you can hang your necklaces, 1 bracelet rod, has a capacity to hold up to
91 rings and 64 pairs of earrings, 2 cubbies, and 7 lined shelves.


Product Description


The product can
be hand crafted, or hand finished and, as a result, the final color can slightly
vary because this method adds authenticity and character. The compartments in
the armoire have a beautiful design, and this
increases its beauty. Once assembled, the product is convenient, and you will not have any reason that can make you
complain about its features and reliability.


The door can
open to about 110 degrees, and if you are
not keen, it can destabilize the stand, and feel that it can fall. It is
necessary for the product to be manufactured with longer legs and set the hinge
back. However, doing this can compromise the products appearance. This weakness
can lead to dissatisfaction as you can feel that one day it will fall while you are in a hurry and break much
valuable jewelry.


Once you own it, you develop a feeling
that indeed you own a jewelry store. It is an
excellent product, and if you
prefer a classy and decent look to your house, you should consider buying
one. After purchasing the product, it
may become difficult for you to unlock the mirror if an object such as a small
metal has entered into the unlock hole. In this situation, you have to drill to
remove the object for you to be able to unlock
the mirror. When you have opened the mirror during use, you need to be careful
because the whole stand can tip forward.




1 You can assemble the product on
your own, but you must take care not to
break the mirror.


2 The
mirror is plastic made and not glass,
and this increases its durability.


3 It enables you to store your
jewelry in one place


4 Increases the beauty of your house
by giving it a decent look


5 The product is heavy and has screw made of metal and not
plastic or grass.






1 The mirror can be broken during shipping, and you need to
check it on delivery. In addition, it can
be skewed, making it difficult to put it together.


2 The product can be unstable when
the door is open, and this may make it lose balance.


3 If an object has entered into the unlock
hole of the mirror, it can be difficult for you to open it as this requires you to drill into the hole to remove the object.

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