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3 piece sectional sofa with ottoman

If you want to purchase a sofa made from an upholstery of microfiber waffle suede that will match the setting of your living room then you should consider a 3 piece sectional sofa with Ottoman. It has a frame made from hardwood and its corner assembly points are glued and screwed as this sofa requires to be assembled. This sofa has a fabric that is specially selected to ensure it is durable and reduce its wearing. The cushions on this sofa are made from lite weight form that adheres to the highest standards set in the industry. They are also easy to arrange whenever necessary due to the spring material they are made from.


After making an order for this set of sofa, it is delivered packed tightly in three boxes. One should unwrap the boxes carefully to avoid ripping off the great fabric of these sofas. The sofa is very easy to assemble once you unpack your sofa from the delivery boxes. They are light and hence do not require too much manpower to assemble. The sofa comes with instructions on how to assemble it well making the whole process easy and fast.

The microfiber on this sofa has a great waffle weave that feels great plus the sofa color is great when seen in person just as it appears on the website. The sofa cushions feel firm and this firmness does not reduce with time. This is a great advantage if you have kids who like jumping and playing on the sofa as they will still remain firm. In addition, the sofa cushions do not feel uncomfortable or stiff at all. The cushions are also not attached to the sofa itself therefore allowing the owner to flip them if they desire. If the cushion material gets dirty, you can remove it and wash them by using a zipper found on the cushion edge. It is also possible to restuff the cushion in case it feels soft for the user.

This sectional sofa has lots of space that will accommodate your family members well without squishing together during the family movie night. It also accommodates taller people well due to the large space it comes with unlike other sofas. It also offers superb back comfort to anyone sitting on it reducing chances of getting backaches due to a weak back support. All this greatness comes at an affordable price that is just unbelievable.

The sofa does not come with a hook or any connector piece that is meant to keep the chaise and the sofa together. If this sofa is used on a wooden floor it could slide causing accidents or damage in your home. There are some quarters that claim that this sofa does not last for so long but it depends on the user.

If you are in the market for a big and nice 3 piece sectional sofa with Ottoman then this is the best sofa to go for as it is very affordable and can serve its purpose well. This is the type of sofa you should pick if you are looking for something that will offer you with a great seating capacity and at a cheaper price. I would strongly recommend this sofa.

Updated: 12/02/2017 — 23:17

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